"Fulfilled By Amazon" Seller Sales Tax Info

A list of FBA Amazon sales tax information and resources is updated. Please check back periodically for updates. Information includes FBA Sales Tax Filing companies, Amazon Warehouse locations, and other sales & use tax updates.

Amazon Warehouses and Fulfillment Centers

We tried to obtain a list of all warehouses from Amazon Seller Support to no avail. The following links might be useful to determine which state might have an Amazon fulfillment Center or warehouse. If an FBA Seller is ever successful in obtaining an official list from Amazon, please contact us.

MultiStates Sales Tax Services for FBA Sellers

The following is a list of companies registering and filing sales tax returns for FBA sellers.

Amazon Tax Collection

Amazon charges the FBA Seller a percentage of sales for using their sales tax collection feature.

FBA Sales Tax Forum Discussions

Some interesting discussion regarding sales tax nexus for Fulfilled-by-Amazon sellers.

Marketplace Fairness Act (Online sales tax bill)

The Marketplace Fairness Act is a proposed bill supported by the Senate awaiting for Congressional support. It is an attempt to allow states to collect sales & use tax from remote sellers. In many states, the state nexus laws deem that hiring a warehouse in the state creates nexus in that state. Therefore if FBA Sellers have nexus due to the Amazon fulfillment Centers, then the FBA Sellers are no longer considered as a "remote seller" which could mean that the "Small Seller Exception" in the Marketplace Fairness Act does not apply to FBA Sellers who may be considered as making local sales, not remote sales. If that is the case, FBA sellers are no different than a local retailer who has to register, collect and file sales tax returns in the state in which they have nexus. The Marketplace Fairness Act offers no "Small Seller Exception" protection for sellers with nexus.